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Der ELC EVEN 90 ist eines der, wenn nicht sogar das kleinste Fahrzeug in World of Tanks. Natürlich ist die Tarnung das Erste, was ihr euch holen solltet, da es den Tarnwert erheblich verbessert. Die anderen Fähigkeiten passen gut zu französischen leichten Panzern und konzentrieren sich auf.. ELC EVEN 90 video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat behavior. ELC EVEN 90. Add to comparison Vehicle added to comparison Add vehicle configuration to comparison Vehicle configuration added to comparison },

ELC EVEN 90 video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat behavior. ELC EVEN 90. Add to comparison Vehicle added to comparison Add vehicle configuration to comparison Vehicle configuration added to comparison ELC EVEN 90Tier VIII French Premium Light Tank. VIIIELC EVEN 90. Traverse: 45 °/sec ELC EVEN 90 (LT-8, France, autoloader, Premium) https ELC EVEN 90 (LT-8, France, autoloader, Premium). This tank will be added to the game files in the 9.21 WoT update. The tank went on supertest in September 2017, and has now attained the final external form with some modified specifications The tiny French Light tank ELC EVEN 90, upcoming French Premium Light Tank details and pictures. It's going to be a very interesting tank, with a crew of two, this tiny tank will be almost like having an AMX ELC at Tier VIII The ELC EVEN 90 featured a turret very similar to that of the ELC EVEN 30, but replaced both 30mm guns and the right-side machinegun with The ELC EVEN 120 featured four recoilless rifles arranged in horizontal pairs on either side of the turret. These weapons were to be reloaded by the driver either..

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  2. M54 RenegadeVIII. Lorraine 40 tVIII. ELC EVEN 90VIII. 1 имба. Super ConquerorX
  3. ecraft
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  5. ELC EVEN 90. Gallery type. 3D Art / Art
  6. ELC EVEN 90 - 6,5k Damage - 11 Frags - World of Tanks Gameplay The ELC EVEN 90 is a French tier 8 premium light tank. A series of vehicles developed by Ein kleiner Flitzer mit unfassbaren Tarnwert und ein bulliger Sherman mit Trollgun am Replay Mittwoch in world of Tanks

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ELC EVEN 90 during trials, 1955. Done Elc even 90 обзор. कोई वीडियो नहीं मिले.


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Video: wargaming.ru.net/premium-tank-elc-even-90


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